Achieving Escape Velocity

Today, it's all about speed. Potential customer have short attention spans. And, smartphone connections can be slow. So, you're website needs to be fast, and hosted by a fast distributed network.

When it comes to web design, the best practice is to start with a design "template" based on the industry-standard Bootstrap. It's fast, compact and commonly used. There are thousands of commercially available design templates to use a "starting point" for customization to meet business objectives and branding.

To ensure fast distribution of this Bootstrap-based website, we leverage cloud-based web services. The web pages are stored in a centralized respository tied to a distributed "caches" where frequently used pages and images are moved closer to users geographically. Incoming requests from the web browsers pass through colocated domain name services and secure certificate manager services. When dynamic eCommerce web pages are required, we take advantage of load-balanced & auto-scaled servers to dynamically adjust to demand and server faults.

AWS Cloud Website Distribution

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